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Sunday, April 23, 2006

What a grey day

What happened! After my full of the joys of Spring blog yesterday, today feels like it's gone and slapped me in the face. I had my washing on the line yesterday, it smelled gorgeous. Today here is the view of my washing line.

There will definitely be no drying of washing today!!

Today I have been doing odd jobs around the house, such as unblocking my sink plughole in the kitchen - I noticed it had been taking ages to drain - I unscrewed the U bend and found 2 knives wedged in the pipe, how the hell did they manage to get in there?? In with the knives was loads of other gunk - not a pretty sight, but someone had to clear it.

I finally finished my book 'A hundred and one days in Baghdad' and have started on a book called 'The Definitive Book of Body Language' by Allan and Barbara Pease. It describes how you can tell when someone is lying, even when they are really good at hiding the unconscious actions. It tells you about differences between men and women, such as the fact that women have better peripheral vision so they can disguise where they are looking: eg. A man when first meeting a women tends to look her up and down, focussing on the nether regions. A woman can look a man straight in the eye and still see the nether regions without it being obvious that she is doing so(lucky me).

Today all I am listening to is the background music for a playstation game (pro-evolution soccer), which my sons are playing (soooo boooring).

I am just going into the kitchen to make our evening meal, I haven't quite decided what we are going to eat.


  • Pork chops(with rind)
  • Mash Potato with chopped up spring onions
  • Petit Pois
  • Gravy

Last night I ate far too much again, the packet of bbq flavour Pringles didn't help either, but hey no one was forcing me to.

Today is St. Georges Day, but for some reason in this country it is non PC(Politically Correct) to celebrate this, which I think is a crying shame. Every country should keep their identity, what's wrong with being English and proud of it. Even though my parents are Spanish(Mum) and half Spanish/mixture of Irish and Moroccan (Dad), I am proud of the country I have been born in and I think this should be celebrated. So HAPPY ST. GEORGES DAY, to all you English people out there.

Happy Morris Dancing, eating jellied eels, fish and chips, pie and mash and hankies on your head day. Jo xx


At 5:48 pm, Blogger Katie said...

Hello Auntie.
i just got one of these so i could comment everyones blogs. your's is very interesting! i check it everyday! well see you soon maybe xx Katie xx

At 6:08 pm, Blogger jo said...

Hi Katie

Your should start writing a blog, it's good practice for writing and teaches you a little bit of html stuff.

I still can't get my photos to download properly (they don't get bigger when you click on them)but at least I am learning something new every day

big kisses from your Auntie xx


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